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FarmerSupport app traingings have started

Written by: Miss (Ms) Joreen Merks, Dogbey Richard Kwame, Doctor (Dr) Spyros Paparrizos
Published: Thursday, August 6, 2020
Thumbnail FarmerSupport app traingings have started

The implementation and testing of the FarmerSupport app is on its way. MSc student Dogbey Richard Kwame has been visiting farmer groups in the villages of Nakpanzoo and Yepalsi in June and July to train them in the use of the app. The trainings mainly involved rice farmers and they were actively giving their feedback on the app. Would they be able to upload multiple forecasts? and now accurate is this combined forecast that they will get? Very good questions that are sometimes hard to answer.

He distributed some smartphones in the community to be able to use the app and follow the forecast. In some villages it was not immediately possible to download the app due to poor the poor network but that did not slow down the trainings. As of now the farmers have not yet applied the app because flooding stopped them from plowing their land and sowing their seeds. They are, however ready to use it once the fields clear up. The farmers now have the app and can upload their own forecast and receive the scientific and combined forecast.

With some more training and help, we hope the FarmerSupport app will be fully up and running with the coming growing season. In the meantime Dogbey Richard Kwame will continue his efforts to help the farmers work with the app

This is an effort supported by the Wagrinova project. 

Raised hands show participants who were present at the focus group discussions previously held in the community

Demonstration how to enter a forecast into the app in Nakpanzoo

Demonstrating to Mr. Suale the rainmaker and Hadija Mohammed in Yepalsi how to enter a forecast into the app

Demonstrating how to enter predictions into the app in Yepalsi