Seasonal forecast Bangladesh

Rainfall map for Bangladesh for January - March 2021:


Interpretation of the rainfall probability map for Bangladesh for the January - March 2021 season:

  • The seasonal outlook for the January – March season shows a chance of average rainfall for most of Bangladesh and a chance of higher than average rainfall for the north of the country.
  • Rangpur division has a 40% chance of higher than average rainfall (green)
  • all other divisions are expected to receive average rainfall (white).
  • This forecast is similar to last month’s forecast which also showed average rainfall for most of the country. The only difference can be found in the north where last month’s forecast showed a chance of lower than average rainfall.
  • Some areas north and east of Bangladesh (China, Bhutan, and northern Myanmar) are expected to have lower than average rainfall. However, most of the areas surrounding Bangladesh are expecting average and sometimes a chance of higher than average rainfall.

এই seasonal পূর্বাভাস এবং ব্যাখ্যা IRI Multi-model সম্ভাবনা পূর্বাভাস উপর ভিত্তি করে প্রণীত।

To look for an up-to-date seasonal climate forecast for Bangladesh, please click the link below:

meteoblue seasonal forecasts


The seasonal climate forecast maps were retrieved from the IRI seasonal climate forecast, developed by the International Research Institute for Climate and Society – IRI, Earth institute, Columbia University. Original forecast maps are available at: The recent seasonal forecast is obtained from meteoblue.