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Logo WUR - Water Systems and Global Change Group
WUR - Water Systems and Global Change Group

The Water Systems and Global Change (WSG) group is a solution multidisciplinary research group of Wageningen University and Research. Our research and education activities envisions sufficient, clean and climate-proof water for society and nature. Our ambition is to create new knowledge to contribute to sustainable water systems in a changing global environment. The Project Coordination of Waterapps is also in the hands of WSG

Logo WUR - Public Administration and Policy Group (PAP)
WUR - Public Administration and Policy Group (PAP)

The mission of the Public Administration and Policy group is to study the governance of wicked problems in the interrelated domains of (1) water and climate, and (2) food and agriculture, and to use the generated insights to develop governance arrangements. By doing so the group aims to contribute to scientific progress, to societal debates, and to policy practice.

Logo Rabobank Group
Rabobank Group

Rabobank Group is an international financial services provider operating on the basis of cooperative principles. It offers retail banking, wholesale banking, asset management, leasing and real estate services. Our focus is on all-finance services in the Netherlands and on retail and wholesale banking, and food & agri internationally. If you are interested in Rabobank products and services, you can contact your local Rabobank.

Logo University for Development Studies, Tamalé
University for Development Studies, Tamalé

The University for Development Studies (UDS) was established in May 1992 by PNDC Law 279 to blend the academic world with that of the community in order to provide constructive and meaningful interaction between the two for the total Development of Northern Ghana, in particular, and Ghana as whole. It began academic work in September 1993 with the first batch of thirty-nine (39) students admitted into the Faculty of Agriculture, (FOA), Nyankpala.

Logo MDF West Africa, Accra
MDF West Africa, Accra

We are a Training and Consultancy organisation with over 30 years of experience in providing management training, advisory and evaluation services worldwide. We believe in building on existing knowledge and experiences to create long lasting effects. Our services are diverse but have three things in common – they are driven by new concepts and theories, are practical, and lead to new insights. The tools and approaches we utilise are directly implementable. This way we empower individuals, organisations and networks to increase their positive social impact!

Logo Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies, Dhaka
Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies, Dhaka

The Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies (BCAS) is an independent, non-profit, non-government, policy, research and implementation institute working on Sustainable Development (SD) at local, national, regional and global levels. It was established in 1986 and over 30 years and has grown to become a leading research institute in the non-government sector in Bangladesh and South Asia.

Logo Khulna University, Khulna, Bangladesh
Khulna University, Khulna, Bangladesh

Khulna University (Bengali: খুলনা বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়) is the 9th public university in Bangladesh, established in 1987. It is situated at Gollamari, Khulna, Bangladesh, by the river Moyur, beside the Khulna-Satkhira highway. The academic programs of Khulna University started on 31 August 1991 with only 80 students in four disciplines. Khulna University has 28 disciplines under six schools and one institute. The most promising characteristic of this university is that it is free from student politics. No session jam in academic activities. A big number of professors, associate professors and assistant professors are working as faculty member of various disciplines. Many national and international research projects are on going. Student accommodation facility is very well. There are two halls for male students and one hall for female students. Library and laboratory facility is also of high quality. Students and stuffs are provided with transport facility. Overall student quality of this university is very satisfying. Graduates of this university are working all over the world with a lot of fame.

Logo Waterschap Aa en Maas
Waterschap Aa en Maas

Wij werken 24 uur per dag met water. Dat doen we voor ruim 744.000 inwoners en bedrijven in Oost-Brabant. Hoogste prioriteit is uw veiligheid, gezondheid en welzijn. Bovendien staan wij voor innovatief en duurzaam waterbeheer. Dit doen wij voor nu en later zodat ook uw kinderen en kleinkinderen hier de vruchten van kunnen plukken.

Logo Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier
Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier

Elke dag werken wij aan de bescherming van het land tegen het water, tegen wateroverlast en watertekort, voor schoon en gezond oppervlaktewater en voor veilige (vaar)wegen. Dit doen wij in Noord-Holland boven het Noordzeekanaal: Hollands Noorderkwartier.

Logo Renkema Consultancy BV
Renkema Consultancy BV

Renkema Consultancy adviseert en helpt uw primaire proces te optimaliseren. Vaak in combinatie met de implementatie van ICT oplossingen zoals websites, intranetten, documenten beheer, datamanagement en het ontwikkelen van web-applicaties.

Logo meteoblue

meteoblue delivers local weather information of high quality worldwide for any point on land or sea in the world. Within the WaterApps project, meteoblue provides premium weather information for Tamale and Ada, Ghana, as well as Khulna, Bangladesh.