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Our pool of experts around the world combines international quality standards with local knowledge and respond to your working realities. We are continuously challenging ourselves to provide you with the best service possible. We consistently reflect on the quality of our work, and explore new approaches to keep abreast with our changing world. Our ISO 9001 certification ensures that we apply a suite of widely recognised and professionally accepted management systems that are robust and reliable.

Did you know that MDF experts are both trainer and consultant?

Our experts are involved both in training and consultancy activities to ensure they maintain a close link with day-to-day practices in the field whilst staying up-to-date with the latest concepts. We believe this way of working enriches our training courses and keeps our experts at the forefront of emerging ideas and best practices. 

Our vision

We believe in an ever-changing world where there is a growing urgency to create more equitable societies, people who continue to develop themselves are best equipped to contribute towards making a sustainable difference.

Our mission

Our mission is to foster competent professionals and improve the functioning of organisations and networks in order to increase their positive social impact.

Our core values (derived from the Rhineland Values)

  1.  We value long-lasting connections. We believe a healthy relationship and concern for the human factor are vital to success.
  2.  We consider trust as the basis for working together, between colleagues and in collaboration with partners and clients.
  3.  We believe in acquiring crafts(wo)manship. Being experts in our own respective fields and motivating our partners and clients to set their ambitions high too. 

Corporate Story

In 1984 Henk van Loo, an expert in international co-operation noticed the strong focus on technical expertise in international development projects. However, he found that the managerial expertise to successfully run projects and achieve sustainable results was missing. Henk figured that by offering support in this field, international co-operation could reach higher levels. Using his entrepreneurial spirit he developed project management trainings and found the perfect location to offer these at his parents’ hotel in the forests of Ede, the Netherlands. The organisation was given its name 'Management for Development Foundation', in short 'MDF'. Other experts soon joined forces.  From the introduction of the first project management training a whole range of training and consultancy services in the area of project, programme and organisational management followed. In 15 years MDF gained significant experience as learning facilitators through its training and consultancy services. By then it was time to widen the geographical spread of our services by creating a second office in Sri Lanka. In 2000 the name grew into ‘MDF Training & Consultancy’. We kept the well-known acronym ‘MDF’ followed by its core services ‘Training and Consultancy’. More offices followed and now MDF Training & Consultancy has offices in Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Belgium, DR Congo, Kenya, and Ghana. Meanwhile, the MDF Training & Consultancy in the Netherlands remains in Ede, where it all began.