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meteoblue premium website content, products and services are designed for businesses that depend on the weather and for individuals having a special interest in meteorology; for commercial customers, they are available at competitive prices. For the general public, meteoblue offers a free high-resolution weather forecast that is second to none.
meteoblue uses cutting edge science and technology to generate, display and distribute weather information. Adapting the world-class NMM weather prediction model to meso-scale, meteoblue is able to detect climatic patterns typical of mountainous areas, lake shores and on the sea, as well as reconstruct weather patterns occurring in any place of the world with high precision.



meteoblue forecast were initially developed at the University of Basel, Switzerland based on models of NOAA/NCEP. meteoblue forecasts became quickly popular with scientists and the public having a specific interest in meteorology, including mountaineers, (hobby) pilots, and astronomers.
meteoblue was founded as a company in 2006, to ensure reliable operational forecasts and to better service the industry; an independent commercial computing infrastructure and product development was established.

Since early 2007, the meteoblue computer cluster is daily-computing high resolution forecasts for Europe, Africa and South America; and since 2008 also for Southeast Asia. In 2013, meteoblue added India, New Zealand and a Global forecast. For other areas, regional models and NOAA/NCEP GFS model runs are processed to generate information covering the entire world.

The meteoblue web site offers detailed maps and diagrammes of these models, as well as localised presentations, which are continuously expanded to serve the different groups of interest. myMaps was introduced to allow users to individually configure the visuals of their forecast.

Starting in May 2008, meteoblue point® offers local forecasts for more than 5 million places worldwide, using proprietary modelling to generate locally adapted forecast for surface and atmosphere. Through the introduction of SPOT® technology, meteoblue became the first supplier worldwide capable of instantaneously showing local weather probabilities in graphical overview for every selected location. With where2go?!, meteoblue launched the world's first full area weather search on the web. Furthermore, you can even search the best weather in the entire area surrounding your selected location for the next day(s), and see the results on a map - in seconds. myMaps enable users to create their now weather maps for Europe since 2006, and for any place in the world since 2012.
For commercial customers, we have developed special services for high precision forecasting, as well as for Solar and Wind energy, agriculture and others businesses.