Researchers of the WATERAPP and WATERAPPscale projects publish on a regular basis in scientific journals, scientific and popular books, and proceedings. Here are some related publications under our projects:


Scientific publications

Sutanto, S.J., Paparrizos, S., Kranjac-Berisavljevic, G., Jamaldeen, B.M., Issahaku, A.K., Gandaa, B.Z., Supit, I., van Slobbe, E.: The Role of Soil Moisture Information in Developing Robust Climate Services for Smallholder Farmers: Evidence from Ghana, Agronomy12, 541,, 2022

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Paparrizos, S., Kumar, U., Amjath-Babu, T. S., and Ludwig, F.: Are farmers willing to pay for participatory climate information services? Insights from a case study in peri-urban Khulna, BangladeshClimate Services, 23, 100241,, 2021.

Gbangou, T., van Slobe, E., Ludwig, F., Kranjac-Berisavljevic, G., and Paparrizos, S.: Harnessing local forecasting knowledge on weather and climate in Ghana: documentation, skill, and integration with scientific forecasting knowledge, Weather, Climate, and Society, 13, 23-37,, 2021.

Kumar, U., Werners, S. E., Paparrizos, S., and Datta, D. K.: Co-producing climate information services with smallholder farmers in the Lower Bengal Delta: How forecast visualization and communication support farmers’ decision-making, Climate Risk Management, 33, 100346,, 2021.

Sarku, R., van Slobbe, E., Termeer, K., Chudaska, R., Siwale, A., and Dewulf, A.: Tracing Hybridity in the Provision of ICT-Enabled Agricultural Weather Information Services in Ghana, Journal of Agricultural and Food Information, 22, 59-89,, 2021.

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Gbangou, T., Sarku, R., van Slobe, E., Ludwig, F., Kranjac-Berisavljevic, G., and Paparrizos, S.: Coproducing Weather Forecast Information with and for Smallholder Farmers in Ghana: Evaluation and Design Principles, Atmosphere, 11, 902,, 2020.

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Paparrizos, S., Smolenaars, W., Gbangou, T., van Slobbe, E., and Ludwig, F.: Verification of Weather and Seasonal Forecast Information Concerning the Peri-Urban Farmers’ Needs in the Lower Ganges Delta in Bangladesh, Atmosphere, 11, 1041,, 2020.

Sarku, R., Dewulf, A., van SLobbe, E., Termeer, K., and Kranjac-Berisavljevic, G.: Adaptive decision-making under conditions of uncertainty: the case of farming in the Volta delta, Ghana, Journal of Integrative Environmental Sciences, 17:1, 1-33,, 2020.

Sarku, R., Gbangou, T., Dewulf, A., and van SLobbe, E.: Beyond “Expert Knowledge”: Locals and Experts in a Joint Production of Weather App and Weather Information for Farming in the Volta Delta, Ghana. In: Leal Filho W., Luetz, J., Ayal, D. (eds.). Handbook of Climate Change Management. Springer, Cham., pp.1-38,, 2020.

Gbangou, T., Ludwig, F., Van Slobbe, E., Hoang, L., and Kranjac-Berisavljevic, G.: Seasonal variability and predictability of agro-meteorological indices: Tailoring onset of rainy season estimation to meet farmers’ needs in Ghana, Climate Services, 14, 19–30,, 2019.




PhD Theses

Gbangou, T.: Designing agrometeorological information services in Ghana by combining local and scientific forecasting knowledgePh.D Thesis, Wageningen University, Wageningen, the Netherlands, 2021.

Kumar, U.: Bridging science and society: Tailor-made hydroclimatic information service with farmers in lower Bengal Delta, BangladeshPh.D Thesis, Wageningen University, Wageningen, the Netherlands, 2021.

Sarku, R.: Making weather information services usable to support adaptive decision-making in farming in GhanaPh.D Thesis, Wageningen University, Wageningen, the Netherlands, 2021.